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List of Presentations

First session: Overview of current research and policies

Lessons learned from the NSF-NIH Ecology of Infectious Diseases Program, by Dr. Joshua Rosenthal, NIH

Lessons learned from the EDEN project, by Dr. Jean-François Guégan, IRD

Overview (Health and Adaptation) - IPCC 5th Assessment Report, by Dr. Kristie Ebi, Stanford University

Second session: Complexity of the factors at work

The reality of the climatic impacts on health: Malaria and Meningitis in Niger, by Dr. Isabelle Jeanne, International Network of Pasteur and associate Institutes

Meningitis in the African Belt: impact of climate? Perhaps but not only!, by Dr. Hélène Broutin, NIH

Seasonal patterns and inter-annual variability in influenza epidemics: is there a role for climate?, by Dr. Cecile Viboud, NIH

Third session: case and broadscale studies

Climate and malaria: a population dynamics' perspective, by Dr. Mercedes Pascual, University of Michigan

The potential impact of climate change on the emergence of vector-borne and zoonotic diseases, by Dr. Ben Beard, CDC

Ecology of vibrio cholerae, epidemiology of cholera: what role for climate?, by Dr. Guillaume Constantin de Magny, University of Maryland

A need for a pro-active approach to risks factors for emerging or existing infections, by Dr. Dominique Hervio-Heath, IFREMER

Fourth session: Emergence and re-emergence of infectious diseases

Health impacts of climate change: setting surveillance priorities in France, by Dr. Mathilde Pascal, InVS

Population dynamics of emerging avian infectious pathogens, by Dr. Andrew Dobson, Princeton University

West Nile Virus: social challenges of emergent disease, by Dr. Sabrina McCormick, EPA

Fifth session: science, policy & socio-economics

A Few Considerations for Future Directions on Climate and Health Research, by Dr. George Luber, CDC

Integrating social sciences into the equation?, by Dr. Mark Wilson, University of Michigan

Issues in the economic evaluation of the health impacts of climate change, by Dr. Alain Fontaine, French Ministry of Health


Proceedings of the seminar from the InVs perspective, by Dr. Anne-Catherine Viso and Dr. Mathilde Pascal, InVS.